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Rubber Transfer Molding Machine

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Our XZB Series transfer type molding machine for rubber is one of CHAP’s original designs and features a number of patented components. The rubber molding equipment compact in size and is highly versatile with its operational capabilities. The automated machinery is suitable for the production of rubber products with metallic inserts, complex shapes, and thick walls.

Advantages of XZB Series
1. Clamp the mould tightly prior to vulcanization, and then press the rubber material into mould cavities evenly, which ensures that the finished product offers little flashes and well-distributed physical performance. Also, its qualified rate is quite high.
2. The injection system of XZB series rubber transfer molding machine makes use of our patent technologies including advanced structure design and material processing technology. Offering a good air tightness level, this system will not adhere to the cylinder.
3. There is no remaining material in the material cylinder, which contributes to lessening waste material and is convenient for material changing and mould replacing. It is ideal for small scale production.
4. With a wide application range, the XZB series rubber transfer molding machine is able to produce those products with the shore hardness of up to 90 degrees. Preparing material is very easy, greatly shortening the vulcanization time.
5. Our machine can perform two program modes and can be used as transfer molding machine and plate vulcanizing press.
6. The simple mould structure shortens the mould manufacturing costs.

Initial state→ Reposit the ejector cylinder→ Load the mould → Close the mould quickly →Clamp the mould slowly, increase pressure →Raw material feeding manually, the descending injection pole injects the material → Exhaust → Vulcanize→ Push the mould out →Ejector cylinder works and separates the mould from the finished products → Take the finished products out

Applicable products
O-rings, keyboards, rollers, medical stoppers, shockproof articles, black rubber products, gaskets, conductive products and electronics components.