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Oversize Vehicle Seal Transfer Molding Machine

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Oversize Vehicle Seal Transfer Molding Machine
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1. CHAP oversize vehicle seal transfer molding machine adopts automatic mould in/out mechanism and ejector system, which reduces labor intensity and avoids man-made damage to the mould.
2. The moving platen ascends quickly, clamps slowly and descends rapidly, which helps increase production efficiency and protect the mould.
3. The clamping cylinder clamps the mould first, and then the injection cylinder presses rubber material into mould cavity at a constant speed. This ensures the dimension precision and stable performance of the rubber products.
4. It adopts a combination of imported high pressure pump and middle-high pressure vane pump, which is controlled by proportional pressure and flow composite valve. The reasonable and reliable oil circuit configuration results in low energy consumption and low noise.
5. The oil tank adopts the patent technology of turn board structure open tank (Patent No.ZL200620105181.5), which makes maintenance more convenient.
6. The hydraulic cylinder utilizes our patented cylinder composite sealing device (Patent No.ZL03220060.3) for reliable sealing and long life.
7. The electrical system adopts full computer control. Users can choose Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC control, 5.7-inch touch screen.

Technical Specifications of Oversize Vehicle Seal Transfer Molding Machine

TXZB-D660×1000_3000 Oversize Vehicle Seal Transfer Molding Machine
Clamping force 3000 KN
Clamping stroke 350 mm
Rapid clamping speed ≥40 mm/s
Heating plate size 650 mm×700 mm
Heating plate spacing 300~500 mm
Max operating temperature of heating plate 250 ℃
Ejector stroke 350 mm
Max daylight /
Injection stroke 618 mm
Injection pressure 95 MPa
Upper mould release distance /
Open mould distance /
Moving mould stroke /
Down stroke /
Vacuum cover stroke /
Max mould thickness /
Max ejector force 60 KN
Motor power 5.5 KW
Heating power 27 KW
External dimension (LxWxH) 2400mm×2500mm×(3750~3950)mm
Oil tank capacity 350 L
Material cylinder spec 3-¢40 mm×438 mm

As a specialized oversize vehicle seal transfer molding machine producer and provider, we also offer vacuum rubber vulcanizing machine, C-Frame Transfer type molding machine, plate rubber vulcanizing machine, and rubber injection molding machine, etc. To keep and retain more customers, we are committed to offering high quality products at competitive prices. To illustrate, we ensure only qualified materials are used, and we also conduct rigorous quality controls on each manufacturing step. Due to our dedication to quality, our rubber machinery is now CE certified. If you have any rubber machineries need, please contact us immediately. We look forward to working with you.

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